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Video Recording

We will arrive at your rehearsal or performance space to record high quality video, with separate audio recorded on a professional recorder. After the session, you will receive high-definition, color-graded videos with title slides. In addition, the audio will be saved as a separate track in both compressed and lossless formats. After processing and editing, all of the files will be available for download. Video, audio, and project files will be backed up on our servers for the lifetime of the business. If you need an additional edit in the future, simply pay an editing fee, and we will make any changes you request,

Audio Recording

Same as above, except we will not record any video and you will not receive any video. This is a less expensive option for those who only require an audio track.


Video + Audio

Hourly Rate - $150

Editing Fee - $50 (mandatory for video recording)

Audio Only

Hourly Rate - $100 per hour

No editing fee required.


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